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You may think that ordinary people seldom find a reason to know about how to trace a phone number, but rest assured that it is not so.

How To Trace a Phone Number

How To Trace Phone Number - Top Methods

Often, in life we come face to face with such situations when we need a cell-phone call to be traced. There are some ways in which you can trace a number. Here are the top three methods on how to trace a phone number.

How to trace a phone number:  Explore the Internet

The first method is the simplest way that there is. You can simply enter the cell-phone number into the search box of a search engine like Google and then hit on the search key to start the search procedure.

Whenever any information is entered onto the Internet, it is never lost; rather, it just keeps on floating around and if anyone can think of a way to retrieve it, they can. If the phone number has had associations with an email address or a website, then the owner of the telephone can be found through Google.

In fact, this thing works even in the case of unlisted numbers. Although the number is unlisted in a telephone book, it may have been entered onto the Internet due to some reason or the other. In case the search results are unwieldy, then put everything except the area code inside quotations and then hit the search button again.

How to trace a phone number: Use Google Maps or GPS

A brand new technology is making tracking and tracing a phone number very easy just by using a GPS or global positioning system signal, which can be embedded into a mobile-phone and that can help you track the physical whereabouts of a person, no matter where they are.

In fact, this technology is the one that also enables Google maps to display your exact location, and with the help of this technology, you can even use your smartphone to get the location of restaurants if you want.

If you do not possess a smartphone then the search can be done with the help of signals from the transmission towers of cellular-devices and triangulating the position based according to their data. This technology is the best for locating runaways and missing children.

How to trace a phone number: via a reverse cell-phone tracing service

Another method of tracing a cell phone number is by using a reverse cell-phone number trace, which can be carried on online through a company. These companies mine multiple sources and create a mobile-phone directory.

These companies are many in number and they have online directories which you use to locate and trace the cell phone number that you want. These directories are great, especially since more and more people are waking up to the advantages of using wireless telephones, and switching from landlines to using only a wireless.

With the help of modern technology these days, no one can hide or keep their whereabouts a secret. Know how to trace a phone number and keep tabs on whomever you want to using any of these methods.

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