Mar 242011
cell phone tracking

Third party cell phone tracking

Cell phone tracking: Modern mobile-phones are no longer used just as calling devices, they now have a variety of uses. One such use is cell phone tracking feature, which was once available to only a few important government services. For this purpose, you need a mobile that supports a tracking application, like an iPhone or other Smartphone.

Use of Cell Phone Tracking Software

In order to track a cell phone location you can make use of installing cell phone tracking software onto your cellular, like Google Latitude. For this you have to sign up for a Google account (an e-mail account) and install Google maps onto your iPhone.

The installation of this software also involves receiving permissions from other cellular users whom you wish to locate. In general, users can grant permission or restrict anytime, as they desire.

Cell phone tracking is often opted by parents who want to keep track of their teenage children, to know about the places they visit, who they communicate with, etc. Some teenage children tend to lie to parents about their whereabouts. A parent can monitor a child’s cellular activity, and perhaps prevent them from indulging in unsafe behavior or activities.



Cell Phone Tracking Free Software

For the purpose of tracking a cellular, first take possession of the devices that you want to trace. Then download a free cell phone tracking software program available on the Internet, such as Ulocate or Wherify.

These programs help to locate the cellular activity of your children or to find devices that have been misplaced. You can also try inserting a GPS chip into the cellular that you wish to locate, if your iPhone or Smartphone doesn’t already include it from a pre-installation. The Blackberry, iPhone, Androids and Windows Mobile cellular brands include an in-built GPS application.

When you decide to buy mobile-phones that include in-built GPS applications, the next step involves connecting them to wireless carriers that provides the best coverage in your area. These wireless carriers offer different service plans to give access to GPS tracking and you can select the best choice of service for you.

The wireless carriers will ask for certain details at the time of registration, and upon receiving the details, they will activate the GPS chip, installed in the device. You can also install the GPS tracking software into your personal computer to locate GPS-enabled mobile-phones anywhere in the world.


Cell Phone Tracking and 3rd Party Services

Some third party services offer GPS tracking capabilities. The GPS software used in these services depend on Google maps for providing GPS data. To use a tracking facility through a GPS tracking software provider, either through a computer or cellular-phone, you will need to input data, like user-name, email, etc. on the provider’s website. This will then allow you to load a map that can locate the position of a cellular device by its phone-number.

You can identify the location with details related to altitude, latitude and longitude of the location.

This information should at least get you started using the new technology of cell phone tracking.

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