Jul 112011

Once upon a time it was only science fiction that someone could perform cell phone spying on you to the point where they knew where you were at all times, could hear what you were saying, hear what TV shows you watched, and even read your personal mail.

Cell Phone Spying

Software for a Spying Cell Phone

This personal mail of course is now inclusive of such private mail as email and what you and your friends text about. So, we began this by saying once upon a time, but can one really use someone’s cellphone to spy on them as described in that first sentence? The frightening answer is a definite yes.


You see, George Orwell wrote a dystopian novel by the title of Nineteen Eighty-Four, a date that was theoretically highlighted by the government spying on each and every one of its residents. In the novel each individual was caused to undergo 24-hour surveillance. It appears that they were even monitored for their thoughts so that the government could actually control them to make certain that all thought was pure in the oligarchical system that was in place.


Is There Such A Thing As Cell Phone Spying Software?

It is not thought that the spying is taking place by our government yet, but there definitely are parents who follow each and every movement that their child makes, and definitely jealous spouses and girl/boyfriends who spy on their loved ones.

Now granted legitimate GPS add-ons to a telephone will do that for someone, but the person whose phone it is will control how much information is given. But today there is actually easily found cell phone spying software which may be installed on someone’s cellphone that can easily track not just the owner’s whereabouts, but even can eavesdrop on their confidential conversations as well as give out tons of private information about that telephone owner.

Cell Phone Spying and How it Works

The software we are referring to allows one to surreptitiously download it onto the mobile-phone of the user in moments. The software then allows the spy to listen in to all  conversations, turn on the speakerphone, read all emails, as well as read any text that has been sent or received by the hapless user. What is more frightening is the fact that the spy can be as far away as they need be to activate the cell phone, even in another state for instance.


Where Is Cell Phone Spying Leading To?


Of course the example above of Big Brother watching is uppermost in the minds of those who are concerned about it. But, in addition many are worried about the ramifications that this may have in stalker cases, for instance. The frightening thing is that at this moment there is no way to know that you are being spied upon in this manner. Imagine it, if your own cell phone turned into the perfect listening bug? Big Brother could well be here, and in the most frightening realization of it, it’s on you right now in your pocket, in your purse, or right next to you performing cell phone spying even as you read this.

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