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GSM Cell Phone Tracking Defined

GSM cell phone tracking

GSM Cell phone tracking

GSM cell phone tracking is a way to track the current location of your cellular. But, before getting into the efficiency of using the GSM cell phone tracking mechanism and how to use it, let’s find out what actually GSM technology is.

Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is a mobile standard used by most cellular-devices. Over 1.2 billion cell devices across 212 countries are using this standard.

When using a GSM cell phone tracking mechanism to locate a device, a special kind of roaming signal is emitted, to its nearest cell tower. Discovering the current location of the device is then done with the help of multilateration (multilateration is a way to locate an object with the help of accurate computing) based on the durability of signal coming from the located antenna.

GSM cell phone tracking process develops a relationship between the antenna and the cell device, and is the same technology used in telecommunication. Technically, these services are called Location-based services. These are mainly four types of location-based services:

  1. Based on the current cell network : the technique based on location based services only, i.e. no other criteria is there, in case the cell device is off one cannot track the current location of the GSM device.
  2. Cell-based: For this type of network, we can track the cell device by determining the phone identification number, GSM signal durability and latitudinal longitudinal parameters. The calculations are sent to operator from the location server.
  3. SIM-based: for this type of network, we use SIM based special code, assigned by mobile operators
  4. Hybrid : hybrid is a combination of the above three.


GSM Cell Phone Tracking with IMEI

Most commonly used are IMEI which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Basically IMEI is a 15 digit unique number, i.e. just like our house addresses the IMEI is a cellphone address.

There are number of websites that can help you to track your lost cell-device with the help of an IMEI number. Another way to track a cell-device is to ask your mobile operator for assistance. From the location-based services, the mobile operator can track your cell’s location, but if the cell is switched off, the tracking of the device via a GSM cell phone tracking mechanism is not possible, in that case either cell-based or hybrid location-based service is used.

GSM Cell Phone Tracking and Privacy 

With the advancement of technology, the tracking has become much easier and raised a privacy concern about cellphone tracking. Basically GSM cell phone tracking or locating leads to privacy concerns because it enables the idea to check a current location of someone else’s ce;; without the person’s knowledge or willingness.

In some cases (like for tracking criminals), this service is very vital, but playing with privacy is a crime. Officially, higher authorities can use GSM-based tracking in case of an emergency, otherwise strong security measures with solid foundation based on ethics are strongly recommended to overcome this issue with GSM cell phone tracking.

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