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In the past, Cell phone tracking was a job for government agencies only, but not anymore. With the advancements of

Cell Phone Tracking

Conveniences of Cell Phones Tracking Programs

today’s technology, almost anyone can do the cell phone tracking now. That is ,anyone with enough knowledge and skill to use the computer and other tracking devices.

Cell Phone Tracking by Way of Reverse Look-up

Reverse cellular-phone lookup is one good way to track a phone-number. All you will ever need is the cell number of the person you are trying to track down, and you are ready to go.

The first thing you need to do is to search for a website that offers reverse cell look-up services. Some may offer their services for free, but you will not get much information for free. Most times you will only get the location where the call came from and not the name of the person who was registered with that phone-number.

If you want a really good result, then you will need to pay some fee. Reverse look-up services ask for payment due to the simple fact that they also pay for the information that you will require.

When searching for a reverse cell phone tracking lookup website, you have to be sure that you will be paying for the right services and on a legit site.

Cell Phone Tracking by Way of a GPS Program

You can also do cell phone tracking by installing GPS tracking software on your mobile or your loved ones’, so that you can track down the location of your children or friends.

With GPS tracking, the owner of the cellular must know that you might be tracking the phone’s location so that it will be turned on.

This is easy to use. Most cellulars have built in tracking devices and sometime you can ask your mobile provider to have it installed. Some even offer family packages wherein you will get a set of phones for you and your family members.

Cell Phone Tracking by Way of Triangulation

Triangulation works by using the cell-phone signal. Cell-phone triangulation collects data by tracing the strength of the cellular’s signal from the cellular through to the satellite towers.

This service is of course not free; you need to pay a tracking company for this unique technology that can do cell phone tracking.

You need to call your mobile network carrier and ask the representative to give you the locations of the 3 cellular towers that will receive the signals from the mobile-phones and they will pass these signals to other satellite towers. Upon your request, the mobile provider will provide you with the accurate measurement of radii from all 3 towers. The information is usually given for free.

Cell phone tracking with triangulation works by just using these 3 signals. First you need the first signal – the strongest, and the circle it on the map. Get the second signal and circle it on the map, you now have two overlapping circles. With the third signal, you will have three circles that intersect. The point where they intersect is the location of the cellular.

I hope you enjoyed this article about cell phone tracking.

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