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How to Find a Cell Phone Using an Old-fashioned Method

How to find a cell phone

Learn how to find a cell phone, fast!

Misplacing a cell phone on a busy day has happened to many of us, leaving us to agonize over how to find a cell phone. The old-fashioned way of finding property is to offer a reward to the person who finds it for you. This way of finding lost belongs was used long before cell phone tracking systems came in to use.

It may seem like an archaic way of handling things, but it
just might work. Just call your number and leave a message informing whoever found your telephone that you will reward them upon the return of your phone.

You could also post signs near landmarks close to the place where you think you may have lost it. You may get the phone back, or you may not.

By now you must be realizing that of all the tricks on how to find a cell phone, there just might be a more updated option, using, say…technology.

How to Find a Cell Phone Applying Technology

Technology never lets you down. How to find a cell phone that you have lost is one of those things that you want to deal with as easily and expediently as possible. The GPS (Global Positioning System) cell phone tracking system is a highly sought out service in the mobile phone market because it can locate a cellular device. GPS uses the radio signals emitted by
the cellphone to detect the location of it through a math called trilateration.

This way of finding the location of a cellphone is known to be fairly accurate if the device is switched on and in a position to receive signals. The phone which you are trying to detect must also be GPS enabled. Various providers offer this service at an affordable price. Contact your mobile network provider to determine whether they offer a GPS service.

How to Find a Cell Phone by Specific Brand

The first thing someone must do right after the purchase of a new phone is to write down the IMEI or ESN number which is found in the rear part of the phone battery. If you lose your cellphone, this unique number can easily let you track the device.

Many cellular manufacturers have their own cellphone tracking system. The Berry Locator can help you place the location of your Blackberry phone for $6.95. Android phone users can install the third party application, Mobile Defense, a free service. iPhone users have the option of using iHound, which is an application that tries to get the location of the
phone by fooling the one who has the phone in hand, which isn’t always effective. If you subscribe to MobileMe, the Find My iPhone feature can easily track your iPhone.

There are various methods of how to find a cell phone that you’ve lost or misplaced. Figuring out how to find a cell phone shouldn’t send you back in time posting flyers on telephone poles!

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