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How to Locate Mobile Phone Location: Questions abound about how to locate mobile phone location, how does it works, do I pay for it, even, do I already have the software on my mobile; get some answers here.

There are free services that you can use to help you discover how to locate mobile phone location and there are also those wherein you may need to pay. If you have the time to spare, then it is best to try searching for the free services.


How to Locate Mobile Phone Location Using a GPS App

Before trying to locate a particular cellular-phone using the Internet, you have to make sure the unit is enabled for accepting GPS technology. If you are purchasing new cellulars for you and your family, look for a GPS-enabled model.

If the cellular that you already have does not have GPS technology, you have another option. There are GPS software applications that you may install on your cellular; what kind you get this will depend on the make and the model of the device that you are using.

How to Locate Mobile Phone Location

How to Locate a Mobile Phone Location and What Does it Mean?

Be sure though that you will be purchasing the GPS software from a reputable and dependable website. Once the software has been installed on your cellular as well as ones that you might be tracking down, you will be able to find the location of any one of them on the Internet using the website wherein you have bought the software.

You just need to log into the website with the user name and password registered under the cellular. The GPS program will then track down the phone’s location and will display a real-time map wherein you can see the cellular’s exact location. If you want to know where that cellular has been, i.e. where the person using the device has been, you also have the option to view history and you will see the places it has been, including the time and the speed limit it has traveled to get there.

A good thing about these services is that you can modify your settings. You can even create a virtual fence, wherein, if the cellular ventured outside the fence, you will automatically get a notification through text messages. This is very useful especially if you have kids that you are suspecting to be skipping school, or a spouse that you are suspecting to be having an extra-marital affair.


How to Locate Mobile Phone Location thru Triangulation

Another way to know how to locate a mobile phone location is via triangulation. For this service to be successful, the cellular that you will be tracing should be actively on to be able to send out a signal. These signals will be gathered by the three nearest cellular towers to picking up its signal.

The first signal will be signal A, the second will be signal B, and the third will be signal C. the three locations will be calculated and the point wherein they intersect will be the exact location of the cellular you are trying to locate.


How to Locate Mobile Phone Location and Emergency Calls

Mobile-phones can be used to make free emergency calls. If the person is missing or in trouble and made an emergency call, the signal from that call will be registered to the network provider and the authorities can get the information from them. I hope you enojyed this article about How to Locate Mobile Phone Location.

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