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A detective knows how to track a cell phone today, and in a few short steps you can become your own detective.

How To Track A Cell Phone

How To Trace A Cell Phone Automatically

In the movies, one often sees detectives tracking a land-line, keeping the person on the telephone for a certain amount of time while they track down where the caller is calling from in order to nab the evil-doer right in the nick of time.

How antiquated this seems now that we have people seeking out how to track a cell phone to determine where its located, who is using it, and who they are calling. What’s more is that all this information can be found at the snap of yours fingers.

The whole idea often creates a lot of suspicion about cell-phones becoming an instrument that is guided by “Big Brother”, which may very well be the case, actually.


Leaning How to Track a Cell Phone Has Become a Simple Process


How To Track A Cell Phone: it is at its simplest if the phone is an Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone or a Windows Phone. This is because on those particular phones it is very easy to install a GPS in them, thus they can send back the signals of where the holder of the cell-phone is located down to almost infinitesimal locations.

Thus, a jealous party can look up where another party is located at any time, in fact 24/7! This may be very handy for one’s children, for instance, as you will know their whereabouts constantly, making it really difficult for them to say they were not at “Johnny’s Video Emporium” when their mobile-device visibly has told you they were in fact there between 2 and 5 PM.


Learn How To Track A Cell Phone – the Science Behind It


Assuming that the cellular is not the kind that has a GPS installed or that can be installed in it, now the science rests on interpolating the signals that the phone gives. What this refers to is the fact that the phone is constantly sending out signals, as this is the means by which a cellular-device detects the many adjacent antenna towers that are surrounding the particular device.

Thus, scientifically it is simply a matter of deciding where the cellular-device is as related to the various antenna towers. This is quite simple in a large city, as the space between towers is sometimes very minute. It does, however, grow in magnitude when the towers are widely separated as out in underdeveloped areas such as America’s Wetlands, or say in mountainous areas.


Learn How To Track A Cell Phone vs. a Land-line


Granted there are times when a detective wants to know that a call was placed from such and such a location when a land-line was used, thus they trace the call. Tracing a call is much different than tracking a cell-phone of course, as tracing a call actually involves the tracing of the wires used to make the call. In the cell-phone a myriad of information is sent from the unit itself, then it becomes the job of computers to decide the exact location of that particular handset via computation of its cell identification, signal strengths continuously being received by the carrier, and that’s how to track a cell phone.

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