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Cell Phone Locate a Great Technology


The latest technology has paved the way for cell phone locate software, made possible by mobilephones that support GPS functions, and it usually comes pre-installed. The subscribers who wish to avail this facility can link their mobilephone with a service plan that can assist GPS tracking. With this facility, you can locate a mobile depending on the signals received from transmission towers located in that area.

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Likewise, there are many companies that provide cellular tracking and cell phone locate services. Each company may differ in interfaces used, as well as in appearance, but they all use similar data offered by telecommunication services.

Most cell phones do not allow users to access GPS data directly and it requires assistance from the wireless network. Moreover the GPS data is accessible only if a 911-emergency call is made. Hence, it is difficult to find the cellular location of somebody unless that person uses the right kind of mobile, network, and service.

The first mobilephones that were designed to support GPS access were from Motorola with their Blackberry, sold in the United States. The Motorola model ‘iDEN’ was especially used to track employees on a business oriented network. Later on, the Blackberry was used by important government agencies, as well as corporate officials. Next came the unique devices like ‘Disney Mobile’ and ‘WherifyWreless’, which were used by both children and older people. Now the latest technology includes the invention of GPS-enabled mobilephones with cell phone locate features.

Cell Phone Locate Functionality

Tracking a mobilephone’s location through GPS is made possible only if it is connected with a wireless network. Mobilephone carriers largely operate the wireless networks that make the GPS tracking possible.

Reasons for locating cell phones vary according to situations and emergencies. Some people might use the technology for tracking children who meet friends away from their home; some use it for finding shops and restaurants.

In the past, only law enforcement agencies were given access to track mobilephones and only with the help of special equipment. For everyone else, the use of cell phone locate technology involved obtaining certain permissions and privacy releases.

Even today, it is illegal to track a mobilephone that is not registered to you without the explicit consent of the other party. In order to track a subscriber, first permission must be obtained, and then the mobilephone must be equipped with tracking features. You can consult with your service provider to know the terms and conditions. Likewise, the tracker should enable the tracking application in the mobilephone that he or she uses. The application may vary based on the brand and model of your mobilephone. The tracking mechanism is enabled when you switch off the mobilephone and then turn it on again.

Cell Phone Locate Databases

Some tracking devices have the option of downloading the recorded location data. This refers to the term “data logging” and this is possible even if the device goes out of network coverage. This type of cell phone locate tracking is known as passive tracking. This feature is not found in all devices, but is seen in classy java telephones, PDAs and other type of mobile devices. You can consult with your service provider for the availability of this tracking facility.

Cell phone locate tools provide an easy way to keep track of your family, friends, or employees.

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