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Discover the simple methods used to locate cell phone information:

Telecom is the most rapidly advancing industry in today’s world. Apart from its immense utility, it is also threatening the world with

locate cell phone

Locate cell phone mechanisms

potentially heinous events like 9/11. Therefore, under certain circumstances, it becomes necessary to locate cellular users. Modern cellulars include a GPS receiver which, in combination with the network of local transmission towers, helps to locate cell phone information. Even the global Internet has certain services, hired from telecom companies, that help to trace the physical location of a cellular-device.


Why Locate Cell Phone Users?

The answer to this question is diverse. It ranges from friendship to gangsters involved in severe crimes. For example, you might be interested in tracking the activities of your child meeting his friends. Alternatively, you might have some doubts on your girlfriend and would like to confirm if she have some other options.

You might also want to locate certain shopping centers or restaurants. Another reason is to keep track of your subordinates if you are a boss. You may be a cop and would like to track the guy involved in some crime.


Locate Cell Phone Coordinates Information


In the old days, tracing a cellular was restricted to authorities, like the police. Equipment used for this purpose was under strict regulations. It is not the case today. Now cellulars can easily be tracked using information provided by mobile operators, which is GPS data and the distance to nearby transmitting stations.

However, GPS information is dependent on the network operator. In some cases, the information may not be updating the location on a continuous basis. Therefore, in this case, we have to rely on the information gathered from the transmission towers to locate the required coordinates. Law enforcement agencies collect cellular positioning information the same way.


Locate Cell Phone Position Methodology


Triangulation is the method used for this purpose to locate cell phone. This method determines the location of a cellular by measuring the angles to it from two known locations, the nearby transmission towers normally.

The third point of this triangle is the cellular itself. The triangle works out the signal strength and decides the direction or tower from which the signal is coming.

In case the user makes an urgent call, his phone’s GPS coordinates are automatically transmitted, which further helps in finding the exact position of the cellular user. In fact, this factor significantly enhances the tracking success rate.

Interesting aspect of this method is the high success rate in densely populated areas. For instance, in the areas where transmission towers are found in large numbers e.g. cities, this method excels. However, on the other hand, in areas where few radio masts are found e.g. deserts, accuracy will be lower.


With this basic information, you must feel confident that to locate cell phone information
is not a big issue in modern days. To get more informed, try to locate your lost friend. The Internet consists of websites which maintain directories of mobile users. The services are available with money back guarantees with many locate cell phone services!

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