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Way back in the 60’s it became known that one could track phone calls if the caller stayed on the line long enough, and if the telephone company put a tracer on the number. While that technology took years to refine, and as of now it can much more easily be done with a landline.

Track Phone

Track Phones for Safety Reasons

Today with the appearance of cellular-phones, it is no longer left up to the telephone company to track phone calls, but rather it can be done by a satellite transmitting a signal, as well as various other means of what is known as a cellular triangulation technology.

That means that every telephone antenna or satellite tower that dots our cities and even our farmlands is also being used in cellular triangulation.


Track Phone Calls: How Difficult Is It?


Once thought to be made up and created by science fiction writers, it is now superbly easy to track where cellular-phone calls are emanating from, but in addition, the user does not even need to be making a phone call, as cellular triangulation will tell the person tracking the phone exactly where the phone is at any given time.

Kids especially love to keep track of their friends and they find it very easy to load up their phones with an application that allows them to do this easily, with everyone in the “group” of friends seeing when they go to the mall, when they are in class, or simply at home.


Can a kid track phone calls?


Oh, yes, but the technology, such as Google Latitude, goes much deeper than this. You see when they click upon a specific friend’s icon based on their telephone number, the kids can then visualize right on their phone the contact as well as the location information of their friend. And users of this technology can decide which information can be seen and by whom; i.e., friends can see one set of information and their parents another.

So, what kids are doing is to allow their friends to see everything, each and every detail such as where they are, but on the other hand the details to parents can be given out rather vaguely if they so desire.


Is using the track phone software an invasion of privacy?


Well, yes and no. Remember that you can set your very own privacy levels for each and every friend, or relative. You can even do it across the board if you so desire. The science world has even taken care of that, as you can simply change any setting you wish going from “tell everyone where I’m at” to “keep it a secret from everyone.”


Granted not every cellular-phone is set up for this, but kids absolutely love it, except for the part about parents locating them. As you can imagine, that’s why every kid you see everywhere has a cell-phone.

Interestingly enough you can even change the mobile-phone to say where you are when you are not there, such as school or work! (Don’t tell the kids!) You and I used to utilize the telephone to keep track of our friends, but today it’s made much simpler with a track phone!

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