Jun 202011

Yes, your ability to locate cell phone devices is not dependent upon whether your cellphone has a GPS installed in ii.

Locate Cell Phone

Locate a Cell Phone Without GPS Installed on the Device

Mobile unit users locate cell phones by a technique called “triangulation”. Triangulation in trigonometric terms is looking for the position of a point by getting the measurement of the angle to it from points that are known at both ends of a permanent base line. By using triangulation to locate cell phone devices, you can compute the signal distance from one telecom tower to a mobile unit.

Locate Cell Phone in a Snap

You can buy GPS tracking from a service provider to locate cellular-phones. Calling your service provider-s customer service number, which is usually listed on the home page of their website can help you. Add GPS to your cellular service contract, and then go to their website for instructions on using the GPS service to locate cell phone.

AccuTracking, which is a third party GPS feature you can use, determines the GPS location of a mobile unit whether over a cellphone or computer. You can also see a GPS location using Googlelatitude, which is a great news- free of charge! Google Latitude is a GPS-tracking feature that utilizes Google maps to locate cell phones. After a mobile unit owner accepts your invitation to be tracked, you can now view their whereabouts over your computers or mobile units.

Locate Cell Phone Requires Permission

When emergencies arise, 911 attendants can use GPS to locate a cellphone’s address. On the other hand, it is not legal for civilians to automatically make use of this because it invades privacy. So to find out the exact location of a mobile unit, you must have the permission of the mobile unit owner.


Several softwares like Verizon and Sprint offer services that you can install on your cell phones or your child’s mobile unit to locate cell phone. It is advisable though that you read reviews of these softwares before you purchase because some websites might be scams or not effective. Sometimes this system will not tell you the location of any number but the mobile numbers which are registered with your software only.

Locate Cell Phone Services for the Lost

Missingphones.org is an example of an online service with which you can register your phone requiring you to enter your mobile’s serial number and your contact information into the website. If you then misplace your cellphone, they will be able to inform you of your unit’s location so that you can easily recover it.


Basically, GPS chips installed to your mobile devices can be a big help in emergency situations, but registering your cellphone information online will help you locate cell phone devices if you’ve misplaced or lost them. You can use a site’s privacy settings to keep your phone number from being tracked by others, if you so choose. Just use the site for your own personal use when you need to locate cell phone devices owned by you.

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