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How many of us check if we still have a cell phone with us? And how freaked out are we when we cannot find it in a pocket or a bag! Thank God, now we have a solution! People can track a cell phone location from any place, provided there’s the Internet connection.
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How does cell phone locator work?

First, you need to understand that they vary. These could be location revealing online services, ones that locate any phone with a mobile provider within a particular network, and third-party applications. In this piece, we’ll zoom in on applications since they are the most powerful and will mention other known ways. To notice, only apps aka phone locators allow to track a cell phone location without them knowing. Other ways work based on the information that only the owner can possess, or closest people.

Cell Phone Locate App

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A cell phone locator as an application works in the following way:

  • You monitor the market and find out one which meets your needs.

    Do you want only to track a phone or want to have other features? What’s the interval of updates do you want to have? The app, should it be a long-term player on the market? How do you want the cell phone location to be delivered to you? What about longitude and latitude for you to get to a place by car? In a nutshell, you should drill into the subject before buying it.

  • After selecting software, go to its Buy Now page and find out about subscriptions.

    Usually, they offer 1, 3, or 12-month subscription. The longer the plan is, the bigger is the discount. Make sure it will fit you in a long perspective.

  • Purchase a cell phone locator.

    You just go to its official site, Amazon, Google Play, or AppStore and buy it. The thing is you should know for sure how the refund is being organized for the channel where you buy. It’s crucial: if you don’t like the service and want to get your money back, you won’t be able to do it from the service provider. You’ll need to get it from stores, which is not always fast.

It’s noteworthy – you need to install a cell phone locator on a device you’re willing actually to locate. Usually, even though the tracking is remote, the very installation needs physical access – just like any application.

Since the setup process varies for iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Nokia, we’ll cover some generalities about the way the feature works on a target device.

During the registration within the service, you get an online account where you track the phone. There you see the phone’s spot’s GPS coordinates (longitude, latitude, timestamps).
It’s also possible to set updates’ intervals and even get the route history for a certain period of time.

How to track a cell phone location without installing software?

As it’s been already mentioned, you can locate a cell phone with IMEI, a mobile provider who tracks a SIM card, or within some particular network like At&t Mobile. Also, this can be online services that Google and Apple worked out for their phones.

Use Detectico Phone Number Tracker

Detectico Phone Number Tracker is an easy-to-use app that helps users track down the contact information of unknown numbers. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to locate lost or stolen phones, as well as connecting with friends and family who might be difficult to locate otherwise.

How to locate any phone with IMEI?

This is an International Mobile Station Equipment Identity attributed to a device by its manufacturer. By the way, the mobile provider is able to block the phone by this number and make it unusable.
Usually, the number is shown in About Phone of iPhones and Android handsets or simply on the back of them.
To tell the truth, you can do pretty much few things to locate a cell phone with this approach.
Here’s why:

– You need to report the police which is empowered to track this way. But there’s much fuss with it – they have to establish your identity, and this is time.
– You can visit the phone’s official provider site and track a phone on your own.

How to track your iPhone location using Find My iPhone?

This is actually the answer to the question: how to track your iPhone location without installing software but using iCloud. So, this service is available for iOS devices. Apple offered it to help its fans detect a cell phone location when it’s lost or stolen. A user logs in to iCloud on Mac, PC or iPhone, opens Find My iPhone and choose the device to spot on the map. Also, check this article – jeremyfrimer.com/free-cheating-spouse-app-for-android/

How to locate any phone with Find My Device for Android?

To use this opportunity, you need to have a Google account. When logging into it on an Android device, Find My Device is turned on by default. It is possible to track a phone if it is:
– Switched on
– Linked to a Google account
– Connected to an Internet provider
– Visible on Google Play
– With GPS enabled
– With Find My Device enabled.

Find Out More

To pinpoint the cell phone location by Find My Device, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Verify if Find My Device is on
In case it is switched off, go to your phone’s Settings, tap Security & Location (or, Google then Security), and tap Find My Device. Toggle it on.

Step 2: Turn on Location, if necessary
The procedure is the same: tap Security & location and after Location. Turn on Location.

Step 3: Verify whether Google Play is visible

If the device is hidden on Google Play, in Find My Device it is not visible as well. To make it evident, go to Google Play Settings and under Visibility choose the device.

Step 4: Check this out
Go to android.com/find and log in to a Google account. If there are a few Android devices, then click one at the top of the screen.

These are preliminaries in order to track a cell phone location with Google.

How to locate a cell phone position with “AT&T Mobile locate”?

It is an American telecoms operator. It tracks a cell phone location within its network of users and area related to the coverage and connection. They use the special service AT&T family locator. It enables to spot a handset on a map from someone’s cell phone or computer.

Here’s how to get started with AT&T Mobile locate?

Registration: you sign into FamilyMap, get a wireless number and the account’s credentials. This is how you set up the account.

Installation: when in an account, you pick the phone to track. Also, it’s necessary to name each handset. From this very phone, you need to follow the link AT&T FamilyMap.

By the way, Android devices join FamilyMap automatically. For iOS – software has to be downloaded on each handset.

However, to track a cell phone location, GPS must be enabled in any case. AT&T cannot trace devices if they are turned off or outside the coverage area.

How to locate a cell phone with Verizon Find My Phone?

Verizon subscribers comprise about 150 million users. If you ask “how does help Verizon locate my phone if it’s just a provider aka manufacturer?” Verizon phones can be found within its network of users and area of coverage.

To track a cell phone location, one can use North App. You see the handset on a map, make it ring, erase the data or lock it at all. The primary condition is to choose the operating system of a device. For example, when picking BlackBerry, the provider suggests installing and using BlackBerry Protect. It is a service that allows spotting the phone’s position and save data of the lost or stolen phone.

If your device is basic, which uses the BREW OS, Verizon offers you to join Family Locator. This service works by the same principle. It is especially helpful for family members. Here’s how you can get started with Family Locator.

You need to visit the same-named page and make sure each family member is registered in My Verizon. Pick Add Now to subscribe for Family Locator.

In My Verizon, go to the Products & Apps page and click Get Products tab. The next step is to find Family Locator app and click Get it Now. The last one is to follow the instructions to add the Family locator subscription to My Verizon account.

The benefits of such feature are you can share your location with family members who stay connected, receive notifications about someone else’s movements, and get driving guidelines to concrete spots.
Family members might be just friends, a group of people united by interests, etc. So, everyone can use it.

To sum up with the idea…

However, when it’s about cell phone locators, it’s a win-win solution since they provide comprehensive report-based data about someone’s cell phone location.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

When picking the right way to track a cell phone location without them knowing, one should consider the device’s availability, operating system, mobile provider, subscription to Google or Apple email systems, etc.
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