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Cellphonelocate.net was created in 2017 by a publishing tech geek Michael Ward. He used to post his pieces on online platforms giving reviews, opinions, tested conclusions, and gained-over-the-years expertise in the field of different software. 

This one is namely about helping people locate their phone or someone else’s handset with different methods and approaches. Thus, everyone can find its own way, the most convenient, simplest, and effective, to track a device. 

  • Have you lost it at a mall?
  • Has it been stolen?
  • Or, someone’s device needs to be tracked for safety and some other personal issues? 

Here you’ll find a solution to a GPS-related problem. Period. 


People get confused when facing the situation when their phone is not anymore with them. Why do they? Because as ordinary Internet users they do not know what to believe, trust, turn to for advice and direction. 

What if we’ll tell you that there is a reliable source which is all about finding cell phones’ location? It doesn’t cover some other phone-related topics but only this one to help site visitors to solve their problem quickly, 100% guaranteed, and for free. Just do it on your own! 

We’ll add different technology coverage because, let’s be honest, it increases your chances to deal with this “phone issue” you faced. Meantime, you won’t break the bank account when using them.

Obviously, we’ll cover all possible free methods before recommending some paid ones. 

With reviews, tips and tricks, lifehacks, tests, expert articles, and opinions, you’ll get to know how to act. 


Micheal Ward teamed up with same-minded people who are in love with technology which meets people’s needs, helps out, simplifies their lives and makes it simply better. 

These are devoted fans of their job, which is drilling into the big world of applications and covering it in a beneficial for a user way. 

Who are they?

Publishing writers/authors, tech experts who are speakers at tech conferences, data analysts, and even novices who give their fresh but solid viewpoints on things that matter in the domain. (To tell the truth, these babies in the field love software-oriented startups and lucky you are to get to know them first on these pages.) And again remember: it’s all about ‘cell-phone-location” issues. 


For users:

If you’re a simple user of the Internet and you’re not tech-savvy, don’t worry – we picked the language to convey the idea to fix your situation in the simplest way. You’ll get assistance anyway!

For writers/authors:

We are open to sharing ideas as well as accepting them. Feel free to get in touch to collaborate on behalf of readers and services’ providers. 

For service providers:

If you want your product to be covered here, we warn you – we’ll test it and provide an impartial review. However, we’ll post gladly the information about the product which really helps people! So, pitch your suggestions!

For anyone who can relate to the subject and strives to find an effective way out. 

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