Here’s How to Pinpoint Somebody’s Location Quickly Using Cell Phone Tracker

There is a huge amount of reasons to locate a phone your close people. For instance, if you want to get to know who your spouse has an affair with, you can locate a phone of your spouse. Another strong reason to track somebody’s location is to protect members of your family or close people from potential disasters such as kidnapping, thefts, and so on.

There are five easy ways to get to know where your target person is at the moment. For this, you need to cell phone tracking app. Using this application, you can locate a phone remotely, also look through all the data on the target device, including text messages, email, messages incoming and outgoing via instant chats, calls, applications, an so on. This will help you supervise a target person totally. Using GPS tracking feature, you can locate a phone every 10-15 minutes and get an approximate result of the whereabouts of your target person. Let’s find out how to find someone’s location by a cell phone number.

You can track a phone number in three easy steps:

Step 1. Installation of the app. The first you need to do in order to track a phone number is to install an app. For this, you need to purchase a license that will provide you with a link. Go to the link and install the application using a product license key. Also, you need to insert a phone number that you want to track.

Step 2. Sync the phone’s information. After the installation of the application, you can track a phone number. On your dashboard, you will see all the information about the real-time location of your target person.

Step 3. Track a phone number. You need to sign in your account in order to track a phone number. After this, you have access to all the GPS coordinates of your target device. Due to the GPS coordinates, you can locate a phone.

Now, you know how to track a phone number using a cell phone number. Let’s consider other ways to keep up with the location of a close person.

How to track a cell phone location for free

In order to track a cell phone location for free, you can use Google phone locator. For this, you need to follow a step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Open the web browser and go to the link

Step 2. Log in the account and enter g Google Email ID and password of the device that you are going to track using Google phone locator.

Step 3. Enter your mobile number. After this, you will get a text message with a link that will allow Google tracking.

Step 4. Go to the link in order to locate a target device using Google phone locator. When you get a link, it charges additional costs from you.

Step 5. You can also provide your target device with Google tracking your own device. For this, you need to confirm the access by tapping on the button “yes” in a new dialog box with a request for the access.

Step 6. Using Google phone locator, you have access to the Google tracking of the target device.

As you see, Google phone locator is a very convenient way to track the GPS location of your close people.

How to Track a Target Person Using Verizon Find My Phone

In order to locate a phone of your target person using Verizon find my phone, you need to follow several easy steps:

Step 1. Open a web browser and click Manage your Microsoft devices.

Step 2. After that, you need to sign in by entering the Microsoft account email address and password.

Step 3. You need to tap a button Find my phone on your device.

Step 4. You can locate a target person on the map in two minutes using Verizon find my phone.

How to Track Someone’s Location Using Sprint Family Locator

Sprint family locator is a free t easy-to-use application that allows locating your target device. You can pinpoint the whereabouts directly from your smartphone of a close person. Also, you can track the location of a target device from the computer with the Internet. For this, you need to enter the password on the service website. Then, you can see the location of the target device using the Sprint family locator.

How to Track the Phone’s Location using AT&T Family Locator

AT&T family locator is a very reliable way to track the phone’s location of all the members of your family that provides users with a huge amount of benefits. Phone locator helps you track the phone’s location of your children as well as all the members of your family due to AT&T connection. The main benefit of the application is that you don’t need access to the target device. In addition, AT&T family locator is a multifunctional application compatible with a variety of devices.


Let’s consider the main features of the phone locator in details:

  • Real-time Location Tracking. You can track the phone’s location in real time using Google Maps. This feature is very useful for parents who care about their children and want to track the phone’s location. This is a real catch for those who want to supervise the safety of close people while maintaining their privacy.
  • Monitoring location history. The second useful feature of the application is looking through the location history. Using this application, you can track the phone’s location, also monitor the location history of a target device. It can be very useful when you want to know all the places where your children or spouse were before.
  • Receiving geolocation alerts when your target person leaves a location or arrives at the place which helps to track the phone’s location with more accuracy.
  • Communicating with the members of your family which belongs to the benefits of the application and also helps to track the phone’s location better.
  • In order to track the phone’s location, you need to have a target device turned on. In addition, it needs to be in the AT&T coverage area.
  • Using AT&T family locator, you are able to track the phone’s location via an interactive panel at the laptop or on your mobile phone.
  • Due to the emergency option, your child or another member of the family can inform you about the incident instantly. This function is very important if you want to track the phone’s location and protect your target person from different disasters.

Among other benefits of the phone locator, we can emphasize:

  1. Compatibility with Android/ iOS;
  2. It enables to track the phone’s location of up to 10 different devices at the same time.

Is it possible to track somebody’s location without the installation?

You don’t need to install AT&T family locator in order to track somebody’s location. However, without the installation of the application, you don’t have access to the full-fledged set of options. Without the installation, you are able to do the list of the next actions:

  • to track the phone’s location on the map using the cell tower network (no GPS);
  • to look through the location history of the target person;
  • to view the location schedule.

In conclusion, AT&T family locator is a really great choice for parents, professionals, and people, who want to track the phone’s location remotely. In addition, it allows getting information about the activities of your target device completely anonymously. This application matches those who have families and want to track the phone’s location of all the members of their families.